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Fair Play Policy & Security
While it is an established fact that fantasy cricket is a game based on skill and needs a person with systematic
bent of mind to play the game effectively, another established fact is that fantasy sport is a social game played
among of family and friends. But, when fantasy games are being played with other unfamiliar players, some
responsibility stands for all anxious one. Hence mystart11.com upholds a Fair Play practice on its website. The
website’s Fair Play Policy covers the below stated aspects to watch out the spirit of competition and skill as the
fantasy sports players take on each other at the leagues.
mystart11.com has a chat option where the players can chat with their fellow players while playing the cricket
games online. But, the players must meet with some terms and conditions attached to this preference and bear
in the user agreement. The website reserves the right to cancel/suspend the chat privilege for any of the player
getting involved in obnoxious chat.
• Vulgar or foul language, racist or religious remarks, used by a player through chat window will not be
tolerated by mystart11.
• Solicitation in any form by any player through the chat in the website, pestering, begging and creating
nuisance of any kind is regarded forbidden under our Fair Play Policy and thus will not be accepted
under any condition by mystart11.com.
• Players involved in overflowing of chat with frequent messages will not be endured this is regarded as
immoral in chat and the privileges for chat would be instantly suspended.
• Any form of promotional and advertising activity or attempt to promote services or products of any
kind if spotted by our system, moderators or communicated to us via grievance from other players
would end in suspension of the player’s account.
• Malicious and rude conversation or statement about mystart11.com or any of its other users will not
be approved in the chat. Discovery of the same would end in suspension of the player’s account.
Players must make sure that they do not get in such action.
• To maintain the chat clean, mystart11.com warns its players from getting in immoral or rude
interaction. We also look forward for active participation of players and look for their support to keep
it clean. Players might report any rude or mean behaviour by any other player right away to us at
On registration at mystart11.com the player selects his unique Username. This player’s Username once given
by mystart11.com cannot be revised. This Username becomes the user’s identification or ID (as we refer) on
mystart11.com. This ID is how mystart11.com differentiates you from tons of other players who play at our
website. In addition, players can identify each other from this ID.
This user ID will stay active on mystart11.com if the player follows the User Agreement and abides by the rules
and regulations of playing online cricket at mystart11.com. mystart11.com reserves the right to hang up the ID
of a player in case of the following mentioned below:
• Any player ID which implies profanity or racist or unpleasant name/words or makes use of unpleasant
words during conversation with other Players or mystart11 Support Team
• Any user ID which is found to be engaged in Fraud Activities that negatively affects Game results
• Any user ID found to be included in any other kind of unwanted activity with the purpose of planned
damage to other Players and/or mystart11.

• Any user ID which advises profanity or racist or unpleasant name/words will not be permitted by
• Revealing personal details such as email address, postal address, contact numbers, etc. or by any
means revealing your identity through selection of Username is stringently forbidden.
• Using your Username/ID implying promotional and advertising action, user must abstain from
promoting their services and product through the same.
• Use of Usernames/IDs, in fraction or in full, which are property of mystart11.com, e.g. user ID cannot
contain ‘mystart11.’
mystart11.com has employed the best online security system to make sure that all the transactions made by
the player at our website are safe. The website also has expanded and employed advanced tools to detect
collusion and deceitful activities during the fantasy cricket game.
• All the payment transactions at mystart11.com are encoded with 128-bit SSL
• User details and data are saved in a secure setting. The website does not allow its admission to any
third party.
• The website rapidly responds in case any concern arises and the same is resolved right away.
• The security processes are reviewed repeatedly and improvised time to time.
• com has a 24/7 monitoring device by experts for games played on the website so that they can be
checked for any deceitful action.
• Anti-Collusion measures are implemented before each game, during game, and even after a player has
finished playing game.
• Anti-Collusion measures are taken before the game begins.
• A fantasy cricket player cannot use numerous IDs for playing on same league as it will be regarded as
money transfer or syndicate play.
• Anti-fraud algorithms keep a tab on all moves of the fantasy cricket players.
• Complex methods have been employed to assess whether 2 or more fantasy cricket players on the
league match are colluding during the fantasy cricket game. In case, the system finds out about any
such unethical practice happening on the league then an auto-alert is raised immediately.
• Suspected fantasy cricket games are monitored closely; in case a player indulges in collusion then his
account is blocked and the funds on hand in the same are seized immediately. The players who are
impacted by the collusion obtain their points back.
• Any fantasy cricket player who is suspected of conspiracy is banned from joining the same league.

• mystart11 reserves the right to block/forfeit the account of any user in case any misuse of bonus is
• Any fantasy sports player who is suspected of misusing bonus amounts will be banned from
withdrawing cash balance from their account